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All our Karaoke is performed on one main stage at the front of the venue. Sorry guys but we don't do private Karaoke rooms.

*All reservations are held from 8pm until 9pm. After that we unfortunately need to reopen the area due to general demand.

**Bookings are FREE OF CHARGE

Take A Tour Before Choosing An Area

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To book an area please send an email to with:

  • Your name
  • Date you would like to book
  • Which area you would like to reserve
  • Number of people
  • And type of party

We will get back to you within 48 hours.



No more sitting at the bar gazing longingly for a comfy private wee seat. The Cosmopol booths are here! So go on treat your bum and book a booth for you and 5 other bums. It's just like a wee holiday... for your bum.


For those of you who don't like anyone, or don't have any pals, this exclusive area provides a wee island in the sea of karaoke madness!
Hide yourself and your closest chums in here and watch all the singers on stage and sing along with your own private screens.

This wee island holds around 15 of your closest chums or gives you the choice of 15 seats all to yourself.


If boogying to your favourite karaoke tunes all night is what you are looking for then these areas are for you!
Located right next to our dance floor for whenever you want to shake it, or kick back and watch all the karaoke action on your own private screens.

Boogie #1
This boogie area will hold around 20 of your boogie buddies.

Boogie #2

This area can host 15 boogie buddies.

Boogie #3

12 boogie buddies can call this area home for the night.


The Mezzanine is available on a first come first seated basis and can't be pre-booked.